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2020 Christmas Market Food Specialties

"Brown" Gingerbread Cookies - Milk Chocolate 300g


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- "Allerlei" Gingerbread MILK CHOCOLATE


Wicklein Allerlei Gingerbread are delicate gingerbread cookies coated with dark or milk chocolate that come in assorted Christmas shapes. It does not contain any artificial flavours, dyes, or preservatives.

(contains nuts!)

What does "brown" Gingerbread mean?

Wicklein calls all types of gingerbread that are not baked on wafer bases "brown" gingerbread. In our gingerbread factory, they are formed from dough, spread, or cut and baked directly on the baking tray. There are both recipes with oil seeds and without. Their "brown" gingerbreads contain a maximum of 3% added fat, based on the flour content.