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2020 Christmas Market Food Specialties

Gingerbread Hearts with Apricot Filling 150g



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- Gingerbread Hearts with Apricot Filling


(contains nuts!)

It’s what’s in the heart that matters. Our soft gingerbread hearts are filled with jelly, and then delicately coated with dark chocolate. 

Where old world craftsmanship meets new world tastes

The Henry Lambertz Cookie Company began as a small bakery in Aachen, Germany…back in 1688. Today, 330 years later, they still believe in that old-world craftsmanship. But under the leadership of Dr. Hermann Bühlbecker, a member of the Lambertz family, they have brought new-world tastes to the market, and in the process become one of the top 5 cookie makers in the world.

Vendor: Weiss