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2020 Christmas Market Food Specialties

Gingerbread -Mix 200g


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- "Burggraf" Gingerbread - MIX


The Burggraf Gingerbread is a soft, moist loaf cake sweetened with honey and sugar. It's flavored with ginger, cloves, and cinnamon, and contains 20% nuts and seeds.   Of these, 50% are almonds and/or hazelnuts and/or walnuts. After baking, they are refined with icing or a dark chocolate coating. Even without icing, the fine Oblaten-Lebkuchen from Nuremberg is a delicious pastry treat.

(contains nuts!)

Wicklein Gingerbread for every occasion, as a sweet snack, or dessert

​Gingerbread cookies are another traditional Christmas pastry. It is baked in different shapes and forms for the Christmas and winter season. Wicklein Lebkuchen is the leading brand for original gingerbread cookies from Nuremberg and well-known across the globe. Wicklein gingerbread is famous for its unique flavour and the company still follows its traditional recipes.