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Everything had changed in 2020 and we all had to reorganize in preparation for Christmas. The usual shopping experiences and events were different or even canceled completely. Looking forward to the 2021 Season and positive changes, we already ordered the Christmas Food Specialties again. Hopefully, the Vancouver Christmas Market will take place this year. Anyway, we continue to offer Stollen, Gingerbread, Marzipan, and much more here in the MyBrilliantStar Food Section.


How does Pre-order work?
Given that we receive orders from our German supplier twice a year, some items might be out of stock once in a while. Usually, items are no longer available at that moment. A "notify option" appears and if requested, we notify you as soon as items are back in stock. Sometimes, it makes sense to offer a pre-order option to give you the chance to order in advance e.g. if time or stock is limited. Please understand that even available products you order, in addition to pre-ordered items, are going to be shipped together as soon as new stock is available. If you need certain products immediately, please do order separately.

Photos can differ slightly from the final product if the manufacturer makes changes to the packaging.