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Canada 150 with Herrnhut Star


Herrnhut Star indoor

Brighten up your home and see the stars all year round. Use our stars to create a perfect cozy atmosphere.

Herrnhut Star Chain

Add some extra sparkle to your home with our star chain. It is ideal for the festive season or all year round.

Herrnhut star outdoor

Fine-tune the lighting of your garden this summer. Our brilliant star lamps will light up inside or outside.


Canada 150

Oh, Canada! Let's celebrate 150 YEARS of Canada. MyBrilliantStar is showing its Canadian Pride for Canada 150 with a special, red-and-white star.

With red and white being the national colours of Canada, MyBrilliantStar dedicates the white/red Herrnhut Star to Canada’s 150th birthday.   

It is also an anniversary year for the “Herrnhuter Sterne” company, founded in 1897. Just three decades later (120 years ago) the first world famous Herrnhut Stars were produced and shipped out of the Herrnhut village in the Upper Lusatia/Germany.