Original Herrnhut plastic star, PURPLE (Special Edition 2015), ~ 13 cm / 5 inch ø


Indoor power supply unit for 1-3 stars

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Original Herrnhut plastic star, PURPLE (Special Edition 2015), ~ 13 cm / 5 inch ø

SPECIAL EDITION 2015 (available as long as stock lasts)

The original Herrnhut Star consists of 17 square and 8 triangular points, assembly instruction and brochure. If it comes with the lighting the electrical lighting cable is placed on the top instead of the 26th point. The power supply unit is for 1-3 stars and comes with an additional bulb. By tradition still handmade. 

  Product size:  13 cm / 5 inch
  Color: PURPLE
  Main material:  Plastic
  Plug in: CA/USA
  Assembly options:  Assembled
  Use: Indoor use only 

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. . . of up to three Original Herrnhut plastic stars, ~ 13 cm / 5 inch ø

Take one Original Herrnhut plastic star ~ 13 cm / 5 inch ø with power supply and add up to two without. Create your own SMART STAR SET in your favourite colors.

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