HUSS Incense No. 1 Incense cones



"The Others"

Fascinating in scent and use.

  • fine, rod-shaped, compressed charcoal
  • smoke-free beneficial aroma
  • relaxing and beneficial
  • long burning period (approx. 2 hours)
  • many applications

Fine, rod-shaped, compressed charcoal and natural resins and oils give off a nearly smoke-free beneficial aroma.
Our N°1 has many applications, whether for longer or shorter burning periods.

Content: 8 rods and holder in cardboard sheath
Sticks approx. 240 mm long, Ø 8 mm
Colour: Black
Burning time approx. 2 h
Weight per pack: 170 g

Read our safety instructions carefully!

Vendor: HUSS

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