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    Happy Victoria Day 2016

    Vancouver, B.C., May 23, 2016

    Happy Victoria Day 2016!

    The time has come again for celebrating the birthday of our former Queen Victoria. She, who was also known as ‘’the grandmother of Europe’’, died already in the year 1901, but we still honor her 115 years later in Canada for the great woman that she was.

    Her most important accomplishments were that she led the United Kingdom to industrial, scientific and cultural prosperity and that she helped to expand the British Empire to its largest size under her reign.

    Find out more about Queen Victoria and the Victoria Day.

    For Victoria Day we also like to set up decoration with the help of our Herrnhut Stars, especially with the Canadian colors. Our favorite for this day is the star chain, which can bring together the colors red and white. A lovely sight for every home!

    Find our star chains here. See our complete assortment of Herrnhut Star products in our web shop.

    Enjoy the festivities of the Victoria Day 2016 everyone!