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    Labour Day

    Vancouver, B.C., September 5, 2016

    Happy Labour Day 2016!

    Labor Day has come! Today many people in Canada and the United States, and some other countries have a day off from work, to honor the achievements of workers. The day was invented during the times of the industrial revolution and years later became an official holiday in North America.

    Labor Day on 1st of May

    But did you know that many other countries, even the majority, celebrate Labor Day on the 1st of May? It was put on this date to commemorate the so-called Haymarket Affair, which happened in Chicago on the 4th May 1886. Learn more interesting facts about Labor Day.

    We at MyBrilliantStar also take a day off on Labor Day and seize the opportunity to rearrange the Herrnhut Star decoration in our office. Everyone is excited to try out new colors. Maybe we will go for some colorful blue or yellow, but the yellow-red stars are also beautiful.

    Look in our webshop for all of our Herrnhut Star collection.

    Seize your Labor Day 2016 without work, but joy and fun!