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    Herrnhut Star Special Edition 2016

    Vancouver, B.C., May 15, 2016

    We have a new member in our Herrnhut Star family!

    Every year our headquarters, the Herrnhuter Sterne GmbH in Germany, creates a special edition of the Herrnhut Star. “Special Edition” means our 13cm Herrnhut Star is available in a new color, produced only in the year it gets introduced.

    Last year the special edition was purple (just a few left!). This year it is another exciting color. MyBrilliantStar is proud to present the new special edition in 2016:

    It is the color ORANGE!

    The Special Edition comes preassembled and is made of plastic. If you order the star with lighting it comes with one spare bulb (6,3V / 0,3A) and a 3 m long cable to connect it with the power supply unit also included in the box. It is recommended for indoor use only!

    You can order the ORANGE HERRNHUT STAR soon in our webshop or leave us a message to “notify you when this product is available”. Just click on the product and you see the opportunity.

    Nevertheless, we will keep you updated about it!

    Would you like to order a Herrnhut Star now? Here you can see our complete collection of Herrnhut Stars, where we have, amongst others, Herrnhut Stars in colors like white, green and yellow. Take a look inside!

    Have a jolly orange day!