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    MyBrilliantStar on facebook

    Vancouver, B.C., August 2014

    MyBrilliantStar is proud to announce that as of now we are on Facebook! 

    See more at:

    The goal for the Facebook page is to have another way to connect with all Christmas Enthusiasts. We invite you to drop by, share interesting links that you may find, post photos, videos, start discussion threads and have fun.

    We’ll be consistently sharing links from around the web that we think may be of interest to you and will be looking for more and more ways to connect with you, providing you the most relevant and useful content as well as a community for everyone that lives outside of the cubicle on a regular basis.

    Will you come join and like us on facebook?

    MyBrilliantStar Facebook

    We want this to be useful for you so let us know what else you want to see either here or elsewhere?