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    CanGifts Fall 2015

    Vancouver, B.C., August 2015

    MyBrilliantStar is back from the business trip to Toronto and Edmonton.

    What a week it’s been! The Alberta Gift Fair closed a couple of days ago and the Toronto Gift Fair a little before that. Retailers will need to start Christmas planning now that they’ve placed their Christmas orders. Yes, we know, it seems crazy to be mentioning Christmas, but it’s August and we know December will arrive before we know it.

    Thanks to everyone who made both gift shows such a great experience for us, and special thanks to the new stores who ordered some of our brilliant stars to spread all over the country.

    Be aware:
    If you didn´t order so far - all retail orders must be done until August 31 the latest!

    Being back in Vancouver means we are now preparing all retail orders. All must be delivered at the beginning of October and even our own retail activities have to be organized.

    We are looking forward to the upcoming Christmas Season. You will find us at the Vancouver Christmas Market as usual and even at the Christmas Villages in Philadelphia and Baltimore this year. Stay tuned whats coming up there!

    Don´t forget to prepare yourself for the Christmas Season:
    - Do you have enough stars for your shop or your own decoration?
    - All bulbs are o.k., no missing spare parts?

    Now is the perfect time to order your additional star or spare parts to make sure it all will be at your place at the right time. Look at our accessories to find what you need. If you miss something just give us a call (778-251-9456) or contact us.

    Looking forward to seeing you all again this season!