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    Happy Easter 2016

    Vancouver, B.C., March 27, 2016

    Happy Easter 2016!

    On Easter Sunday, Christians all around the world celebrate the Easter holidays! MyBrilliantStar wishes everyone involved a Happy Easter 2016!

    But do you actually know why they celebrate Easter?

    It is in remembrance of Jesus Christ, who got resurrected on Easter Sunday after being crucified. In Western Christianity, the Easter Holidays are chronologically preceded by the Holy Week, which starts with Palm Sunday and ends with Holy Saturday.

    Then, after the Holy Week, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday get celebrated. On these days believers go to church or celebrate the holidays with their families and friends. For the children, the Easter Bunny goes around and hides his Easter Eggs, which then have to be found by the little ones.

    MyBrilliantStar has its own idea of celebrating Easter:

    Gather our yellow Herrnhut Stars, decorate them with some lovely Easter Eggs and flowers. Then sit around the decoration and enjoy the Holidays with your loved ones.

    See our full yellow Herrnhut Star collection.

    In case you are interested in other Herrnhut Stars, here you will find our complete assortment.

    Once again:

    Have nice Easter Holidays 2016!