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    Vancouver, B.C., November 01, 2018 

    Did you ever struggle to find the right gift for your loved ones far away and abroad? We have the solution!

    There is always a reason to celebrate - and therefore a reason to give someone with a little attention or a funny and sympathetic gift a joy. Whether for a birthday or anniversary, for promotion or passed exam or at this time of the year for Christmas, we can give pleasure to anyone.

    The most important date par excellence is of course Christmas. Which family does not celebrate this beautiful tradition, when you make small and big presents under the festively decorated Christmas tree in the family circle. This ritual is an old tradition dating back to the 13th century, depending on the source. The gifts are not delivered by the same person everywhere. In Germany, it is the "Christkind", here in Canada and the United States it is Santa Claus.

    We are happy to take over this part and send your gift directly to your loved ones in North America without any additional effort for you. After you have chosen the product you want us to be shipped just enter your own billing address and in step 2 enter the recipient's address as the shipping address. Finally, enter your credit card information and as soon as the payment is confirmed we go further with surprising the receiver.

    The most pleasant way to give a perfect gift with even lower shipping costs!

    At MyBrilliantStar you will find the original Herrnhut Star, with its own history, beautifully packed and, if you like, with a PERSONALIZED LETTER. Just leave your message in the field "notes" and it will be shipped together with your ordered item.

    All orders less than $ 300.00 with a personal note will be shipped without an invoice!

    Receiving a present is most surprised if you do not expect it. Why not pay a little attention this Christmas or even in between as a sign of friendship? The message is clear: you mean something to me and I want to express that with this gift.

    Looking forward to meeting you online


    Fuer unsere Deutschen Freunde eine kurze Erklaerung:

    Nachdem Sie das gewünschte Produkt ausgewählt haben, geben Sie Im Warenkorb "cart" bitte Ihre eigene Rechnungsadresse ein und dann die Adresse des Empfängers als Lieferadresse "shipping address". Am Ende noch fuer die Bezahlung ihre Kreditkartendaten eingeben (Deutsche VISA oder MasterCard) oder mit paypal zahlen und schon geht ihr Geschenk auf die Reise.

    Bei MyBrilliantStar finden Sie alle Herrnhuter Sterne, original verpackt und wenn Sie möchten, sogar mit PERSOENLICHER NACHRICHT. Hinterlassen Sie einfach Ihren Text im Feld "notes" und wir kuemmern uns um alles Weitere.

    Alle Bestellungen unter 300,00$, mit persoenlicher Nachricht, werden ohne Rechnung verschickt!