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    Vancouver, BC August 2023

    Have you ever heard about the German tradition of giving a Schultuete to kids at their first day of school?

    In Germany, the first day of school, known as Einschulung, is a very special event for young children and their families. To make this day even more memorable, a beloved tradition called Schultuete is followed throughout the country. A Schultuete , which translates to "school cone" in English, is a large, colorful cone-shaped container made of cardboard or sturdy paper. It is beautifully decorated with various designs, often featuring popular cartoon characters, superheroes, or other motifs that appeal to children.

    The story of Schultuete dates back to the early 19th century when it was believed that students needed an extra boost of luck and motivation on their first day of school. To provide this, parents and relatives began creating these cones filled with treats and small gifts to surprise their children.On the morning of Einschulung, children eagerly wait to receive their Schultuete. It is usually presented to them by their parents or grandparents as a symbol of love, support, and excitement for their educational journey.

    The Schultuete is often as tall as the child, adding to the element of surprise and wonder. The contents of a Schultuete are carefully chosen to delight and inspire the young students. They typically include sweets, chocolates, small toys, school supplies, and sometimes even books. The treats inside the cone serve as a sweet reward for the child's hard work and dedication to their studies. 

    Crafting your own Schultuete adds an extra layer of love and personalization, allowing you to create a unique masterpiece filled with anticipation, as you eagerly await the moment to surprise and delight your child on their first day of school. 

    Certainly! In addition to the traditional contents, a unique variation of the Schultuete in Germany is the Herrnhuter Schultuete, filled with a colourful Herrnhut DIY star. When a child receives a Herrnhuter Schultuete , they not only experience the joy of receiving treats and gifts but also the wonder of a star that carries deep meaning. The Herrnhut Star represents light, hope, and guidance, serving as a reminder to the child that they are embarking on a new educational journey supported by the love and encouragement of their family and community. 

    As the child opens the Schultuete and discovers the Herrnhut Star, it becomes a cherished keepsake that they can hang in their room, reminding them of their first day of school and the excitement surrounding it. The Herrnhut Star serves as a symbol of the child's bright future, filled with opportunities and personal growth. 

    So, if you ever find yourself in Germany during the back-to-school season, keep an eye out for these beautifully decorated Schultuete , bringing smiles to the faces of young students and filling their hearts with excitement for the educational adventure that lies ahead.

    Embracing the cherished tradition is a delightful way to celebrate the journey of learning and inspire young hearts.

    Your MyBrilliantStar Team