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    Keeping Christmas Trailer

    Vancouver, B.C., April 20, 2018

    Lived by dedicated company owners and communities

    Herrnhut StarsFor all our German-speaking Herrnhut Stars lovers see the link below to a short but very interesting article/interview about the Herrnhuter and the origin of our brilliant Herrnhut Stars from the Saxon newspaper "Zeit Online". 

    “Ein Stern gegen das Heimweh”              
    (a star against homesickness)

    We also want to introduce a special friend from Germany and his beautiful vintage nativity figures, Christmas- and Easter items and decoration figures:


    See how much love and passion they pay to each of their items.

    Special about the material is MAROLIN, which consists of kaolin, clay, natural glue and paper fibers developed by Richard Mahr. Throughout the year in the factory in southern Thuringia busy bees press, pour, smooth, and paint all different kind of figures. Kings, Josephs, Marys, shepherds, angels and innumerable animals arise. Together they fulfill a nativity scene with life.

    If you are interested in more please click on the picture below to follow a small trailer. A film about the history is in production and needs your help.

    Keeping ChristmasThe producer needs a core group of cheerleaders to help him raise $ for the Documentary called Keeping Christmas. All he is asking for is if you could post and repost the link on FB or Instagram over the next 24 days. It´s all about creating a buzz and getting the message in front of as many eyes as possible, and asking your friends to repost, too.  Have a look at the following link 

    Keeping Christmas - Biography Documentary

    The Story about one man keeping a business and family together while the world around them spiraled out of control.

    THANKS for checking out 'Keeping Christmas - Biography Documentary' on Indiegogo