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    Vancouver B.C., July 15, 2020

    We are excited to announce the arrival of the Special Edition 2020!

    This year, the 5in/13cm Herrnhut star will also be available in the colour MINT.
    Since 2015, the Herrnhut Manufactory releases a yearly Special Edition in a unique colour which is only available in this specific year. It’s always very popular and perfectly complements the range of traditional colours that are always offered.

    2020’s selection of MINT, which is a mix of the colours blue and green, pairs well with a variety of different colours when it comes to decorating or arranging your stars. You can use it together with other pastels, or combine it with coral and rose pinks but it also looks nice next to other shades of blue and alongside a crisp white. For a more daring palette, you can even combine mint with orange, red or any shade of grey.  

    Mint is a refreshing and inviting colour. It’s associated with summer, swimming and maritime themes. Our mint star can also be greatly arranged with flowers and other green arrangements.

    As a shade of blue, mint, is said to promote feelings of tranquility and as it also contains green, it is thought to help balance emotions and prompts happiness & harmony.

     Enjoy our new Special Edition colour as well as summer!

    Your MyBrilliantStar Team