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    Vancouver, B.C., September 17, 2018 

    Current info to all Herrnhut Star admirers and those who want to become one:

    We are pleased to announce that the Special Edition 2018 has made its way to Canada. This year, there is a limited edition of the 13cm/5inch Herrnhut star in the colour MAGENTA.

    Magenta is an extra-spectral colour, meaning that it is not found in the visible spectrum of light. Rather, it is physiologically and psychologically perceived as the mixture of red and violet/blue light, with the absence of green. Even if it is a mixture and not found in the visible spectrum of light you can see this amazing colour often in nature.


    Do you know where the name “magenta” comes from?

    Magenta took its name from an aniline dye made and patented in 1859 by the French chemist François-Emmanuel Verguin, who originally called it fuchsine. It was renamed to celebrate the Italian-French victory at the Battle of Magenta fought between the French and Austrians on June 4, 1859, near the Italian town of Magenta in Lombardy. A virtually identical color, called roseine, was created in 1860 by two British chemists, Chambers Nicolson, and George Maule.
    The web color magenta is also called fuchsia. (“Wikipedia”)

    What else is new?

    In addition to the special edition, discover all the other new products from Herrnhuter that have been added to our website over the past few weeks. Search for "Gifts and Specials" and you will find all newly published products and of course our traditional Herrnhut stars in all usual colours made of paper or plastic.