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    Vancouver, B.C., May 19, 2023

    Once again, the time of year has arrived for the release of the Herrnhut Star SPECIAL EDITION 2023.

    This year's colour is: red-glitter

    Every year, the Herrnhuter Sterne Manufacture in Germany produces a special edition that stands out among their other products. The red-glitter colored star is a unique and stylish variant that adds an extra level of distinction to their annual offerings, and we take great pride in presenting it to our customers. This years colour represents the wonderfully glittery and magical Christmas season and hopefully makes your eyes sparkle as well. Herrnhut Star special edition red glitter

    Starting in 2015, Herrnhuter has been releasing a new special colour every year, which is only available while supplies last. The special edition star is exclusively offered in a single A1e size, with a diameter of 13 cm, and is intended for indoor use only. The 2023 limited edition of this stunning red-glitter colored star speaks for itself and is sure to be adored not only by fans of Herrnhut Stars but by anyone who appreciates its beauty.

    During the Advent and Christmas seasons, the original Herrnhut Stars, also known as Moravian stars, can be seen adorning many apartments, churches, and squares. These stars have been made by hand for over 160 years and come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Each star is carefully crafted with 25 points, consisting of 17 square and 8 triangular points. The traditional Herrnhut plastic stars are available in 7 different colors and 4 different sizes, ranging from 13cm to 130cm in diameter.

    Get yours now before it runs out of stock!

    Your MyBrilliantStar Team