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    Vancouver, B.C., July 2023

    Are you familiar with the history of the Christmas pickle? If not, don't worry - it appears that the true origins of this tradition remain a mystery to most.

    Christmas is a time filled with age-old traditions, cherished customs, and heartwarming celebrations. Among the array of festive decorations adorning our Christmas trees, there is one peculiar tradition that has piqued the curiosity of many: hiding a pickle ornament. The mysterious tradition of concealing a pickle-shaped ornament within the branches of the tree has captured the imagination of people worldwide. 

    Christmas presents

    The Legend:

    Legend has it that in Germany, it's customary to hide a pickle-shaped ornament within the boughs of the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. The first child to find the hidden pickle receives an extra gift or is said to have good luck for the following year. It's a playful game that adds an element of surprise and excitement to the holiday festivities.

    The Origins:

    For a long time, it was believed that this tradition had been handed down from generation to generation in Germany.

    Some linked it to a heartwarming tale of an American Civil War soldier from Bavaria. As a prisoner on the brink of starvation, he found himself pleading with a compassionate guard for a final pickle before his impending demise. Touched by his plight, the guard granted his request and handed him a pickle. Miraculously, that pickle infused him with the fortitude and resilience needed to persevere, both mentally and physically, enabling him to survive against all odds.

    Another intriguing theory suggested a connection between the tradition and St. Nicholas. In a medieval tale, two Spanish boys were journeying home from their boarding school during the holiday season. During a stop at an inn for the night, a wicked innkeeper took the lives of the innocent boys and concealed their bodies within a pickle barrel. That very evening, St. Nicholas happened to visit the same inn and discovered the boys trapped in the barrel. Through a miraculous act, he brought them back to life, restoring their precious gift of existence.

    Family decorating a Christmas tree

    Apparently, none of them are correct. Historical evidence points towards a more plausible explanation: the tradition was likely invented by salesmen in the late 1800s as a marketing ploy to promote German glass ornaments in American stores. Actually, the claim that it's an old German tradition seems to be a total myth! And in fact, not many people in Germany have even heard of the Christmas Pickle!

    Regardless of its mysterious origins, the Christmas pickle tradition has found a place in the hearts of many. Families eagerly participate in the game, searching for the elusive pickle among the tree's branches, laughing and bonding as they engage in friendly competition. It adds a delightful twist to the holiday festivities and creates lasting memories for generations to come.

    Want to try the tradition with your own family? We have Christmas pickles in three different sizes.

    Your MyBrilliantStar Team