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Vamcouver Christmas Market MyBrilliantStar

Vancouver, B.C., November 14, 2016

Only a few more days until the Vancouver Christmas Market opens!

It’s that time of the year again! The Vancouver Christmas Market reopens with a stellar new location at the Jack Poole Plaza. This new location allows for more variety and vendors and for the market to receive more traffic. We will be present at the market as of November 26th until December 31st when it officially closes. Once again, our Herrnhut Stars will be lighting up the market in an assortment of colourful stars and traditional German chocolate. As seasonal festivities unfold this is the perfect time to come experience a European traditional event.

Open daily from 11AM- 9PM (with the exception of December 24 and 25th), come visit us at our booth to brighten your day… literally!  

Find out more about the Vancouver Christmas Market

In light of the Vancouver Christmas Market, have a look at our Herrnhut Stars for decorative inspiration and to familiarize yourself with our products. The festive stars come in a variety of colours and can be the timeless and classic addition to your holiday decoration that you have been looking for.

See our complete assortment of Herrnhut Star products in our webshop.

Enjoy the festivities of the 2016 season everyone!

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