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Plastic Stars

Original Herrnhut plastic star, z-green, ~ 40 cm / 16 inch ø


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Original Herrnhut plastic star, green, ~ 40 cm / 16 inch ø

The original Herrnhut Star consists of 25 points: 17 square and 8 triangular points, plastic clips, cover plate for outdoor use and cord for hanging up. If it comes with the lighting the electrical lighting cable is placed on the top instead of the 26th point. The plastic stars (40 cm - 130 cm), as well as the star chains, could be used indoor or outdoor because of weather resistance.

  Product size: 40 cm / 16 inch
  Color: Green
  Main material: Plastic
  Plug in: CA/USA
  Assembly options: Self made construction
  Use: Indoor or outdoor 

Available colours:

A4 redA4 white/redA4 whiteA4 yellow/redA4 yellowA4 blueA4 green