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Original Herrnhut plastic star, white, ~ 13 cm / 5 inch ø - LED

HS00050210 (FOR LIGHTING - please choose power source from addons)

Original Herrnhut plastic star, white, ~ 13 cm / 5 inch ø - with LED 

Power source optional - please choose from the product addons if you want the star with light!

Even if it comes without a power source the electrical lighting cable with a bulb is included and should be placed on the top as a 26th point. The cable is used for suspension.

 Product size: 13 cm / 5 inch 
 Color: WHITE
 Main material: Plastic
 Plug in: CA/USA
 Assembly options: Assembled
 Use: Indoor use only


YELLOWREDWHITEWHITE/REDoriginal-herrnhut-plastic-star-yellow-red-13-cm-5-inch-ooriginal-herrnhut-plastic-star-blue-13-cm-5-inch-ooriginal-herrnhut-plastic-star-green-13-cm-5-inch-oOriginal Herrnhut plastic star, SILVER GLITTER (Special Edition 2022), ~ 13 cm / 5 inch ø -LED


  • The original Herrnhut Star consists of 17 square and 8 triangular points, assembly instruction, and a brochure. By tradition still handmade.

    Our little Herrnhut star is an enrichment to every decoration. Not only at Christmas, but also to any other events and holidays, it spreads a pleasant light and cosy atmosphere in your home. It is also an always welcome host gift with a long-lasting effect.

    Use the star easily and conveniently with the choice of different power sources such as the plug connection with a power supply, a battery pack version or USB cable.

  • POWER SUPPLY (for 1-3 or 1-5 stars)

    Indoor power supply unit for plastic star A1e, 1-5 stars 
    1-3 stars with conventional bulbs
    1-5 stars with LED bulbs

     Main material: Plastic
     Plugin: CA/USA
     Assembly options: Replacement
     Use: Indoor use only 
     Cable: ~ 1.7 m / 65 inch long

    BATTERY PACK (for 1 star)

    with timer for plastic A1e and Ministar
    For connecting one Herrnhut plastic star ~ 13 cm / 5 inch ø  or 3 Ministars

     Main material: Plastic
     Assembly options: Replacement
     Use: Indoor use only 
     use ONLY with LED
     Light ON time: Approx. 80h, with high-quality batteries
    4 batteries - AA 1,5V incl.

    USB Cable (for 1-2 or 1-3 stars)

    for plastic star A1e, 1-3 stars
    1-2 stars with conventional bulbs
    1-3 stars with LED bulbs

     Main material: Plastic
     Plugin: CA/USA
     Assembly options: Replacement
     Use: Indoor use only 
     Cable: ~ 2.5 m / 98.5 inch long

    Only usable in connection with a USB-charger (mobile phone charger) or a PC-USB-port (or others). It is possible to use an existing USB-charger with the following specifications: 5V DC/min. 500 mA - max. 1000mA.
    A suitable USB-charger (Output 1000mA) is offered separately. Please select the option "USB cable and charger" if necessary.

    Do not connect the USB-adapter directly into a wall socket!