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    Misplaced your detailed assembly instruction? No problem! Here you can find assembly instructions for all kinds of our stars as well as for the accessories.
    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Download your individual and illustrated PDF via the links below.
    Before you start:
    • Please loosen all points and detach the clips before you start the assembly. Loosen paper stars through a light rotation of each point.
    • Before you assemble a paper star for the first time please prick the holes in the frame by using a sharp tool.
    • For assembling a star with mixed colors (yellow/red or white/red) always start with a red point and make sure that no two points with the same color are directly adjacent to each other.

    Assembly Videos Herrnhut Stars:

    Video instruction for A1b DIY kit

    Video instruction for A4-A7

    Video Instruction for I4-I8

    Video Instructions for A13


    Overview - How to assemble a Herrnhut Star

    First assembly steps for plastic and paper stars

    Start the assembly by using the lowest square point, whose frame should be in full view the whole time. Fasten 4 more square points on the inside of the frame of the lowest square point (into the frame) by putting one on top of the other and connecting them by using the clips.

    Now the gaps between the 4 square points will be closed by 4 triangular points. The 4 triangular points should be assembled outside, onto the frames of the four square points. After that fasten a ring of 8 square points onto the finished lower half of the star. Please start above a triangular point and fasten the first square point inside the frame of this triangular point. The second square point should be fastened outside, the next inside, and so on until the ring is closed.

    The upper half has to be assembled as a mirror image of the lower half. Please start with a square point and fasten it inside on the frame of another square point. Then fasten a triangular point outside on the frame of a square point and continue until the ring is closed.

    Last assembly step for plastic stars

    If you assemble a plastic star, the remaining square opening of the star will be closed by the cover cap. The cover cap is already preinstalled, if you use our accessory E26 socket with cable. Otherwise, you need an electrician to install a cable and bulb socket with the cover cap delivered. Now you can put the bulb into the opening of the star and fasten the cap with 4 clips. If you use the star indoors only, you could hang it up without the cover cap.

    Last assembly step for paper stars

    Assembling a paper star you now have to fix the enclosed suspension link onto a suitable socket and cable. If you use our accessory E12 socket with cable, the suspension link is already preinstalled. Then put the bulb into the opening of the star and fasten the suspension link onto the star. Push the two pins of the suspension link from below into the holes of two facing square points.

    More helpful assembly videos:

    How to disassemble and store safely 

    How to reconnect cable and socket


    Safety Instructions (A4-A7, i4-i8)

    1. To illuminate the star we recommend our lighting sets 
      plastic stars: cable 5m / 10m long, E26 socket and cable, and a bulb
      paper stars: cable 4m, E12 socket and cable, and a bulb
    2. Never use a bulb that is more than 40 Watts.
    3. Before you use the star make sure there is enough space between the bulb and the star. Under no circumstances should they touch each other.
    4. Never hang up the star close to candles and other inflammable materials.
    5. Never hang up the star only on the cable, always use the cord.
    6. Make sure that the star always hangs free.
    7. The star may be only used for decoration. It is not a toy.
    8. Please store the star (especially the paper star) in a dry place and avoid high temperatures.
    9. In the case of severe rain, it is possible that water collects in the lowest square point of your outdoor plastic star. It has no bearing on safety.
      Tip: You could slightly shorten (approx. 2mm) the lowest

    Individual Instructions

    Misplaced your detailed assembly instruction?

    No problem! Here you can find assembly instructions for all kinds of our stars as well as for the accessories. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.