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    You are an Interior Designer/Decorator or Event/Wedding Planner

    As the official partner of the Herrnhuter Sterne GmbH (Herrnhut/Germany), we are looking for YOU! We are searching for partners across Canada and the United States. We would be very proud to welcome you to the Herrnhut Star family!

    MyBrilliantStar Decoration




    To be eligible to register as a decorator/event planner client, the purchased products must be for a special project e.g. store/restaurant decoration, rental, events, etc.. All prices are plus sales tax if applicable. We accept MasterCard, Visa, cheque* or money transfer*. All credit card information is secure and is only used upon fulfillment of your order.

    (* 3% discount on all cheque payments or money transfers)


    product catalogue

    Herrnhut Stars Product Brochure

    Please be aware that the catalogue includes German item numbers. Order numbers in the downloads below are Canadian/US numbers for the required electrical connection.

    Download decoration reference booklets

    Herrnhut Stars Reference Booklet - all        Herrnhut Stars Reference Booklet - Outdoors and Malls        Herrnhut Stars Reference Booklet - Flower arrangements        Herrnhut Stars Reference - Outdoor mounting solutions
    The gorgeous Herrnhut stars are used as decoration for flower arrangements, shops, malls, hotels, restaurants, and much more all over the world. Find some examples and mounting solutions in our booklets.

    - price lists/order forms 

    MyBrilliantStar reserves the right to revise or amend the prices listed in the following forms. Prices may be changed at any time without further notice.

    Updated price lists and order forms incl. new Terms and Conditions

    Canada Flag

    required forms for Canadian 
    based customers:              

    PDF order form and price list (CAD)

    USA Flag
    required forms for the US
    based customers:    

    PDF order form and price list (USD)                      


    How to order as a decorator/event planner

    1. Download and print out the above "PDF order form" of the country your business is based.

    2. Enter the number of stars for each size and color you want. Don´t forget to enter a payment option (money transfer, cheque or credit card). If you have chosen credit card payment, please fill out the "Credit card authorization" on the summary page of the order form.

    NO MINIMUM ORDER, costs for shipping are not included, shipping will be calculated from warehouse Vancouver, any costs which may arise for customs and taxes are not included.

    3. Forward your filled forms via email to

    Please provide us with your desired delivery date. As soon as we receive your order we will send you a confirmation and all details regarding expected costs and date of delivery as well as payment options. Payment is due on receipt.  


    Return/Cancellation Policy

    Please notify us via E-mail or phone if there is a problem with your order. Your explanation helps us serve you better.

    If the product is not in order, it can of course be exchanged. Otherwise, Herrnhut stars for decoration projects or events are mostly unique orders so please understand that orders are final without return.