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    We are proud to introduce our partner HUSS Incense. 


    All different fragrances and handmade metal smokers can be found under our HUSS-PRODUCTS.

    Huss LogoHuss Incense Canada

    Hello! You are most welcome!

    The aim of our partner is to be different while remaining totally down to earth and honest. So, We sincerely hope you are well and that you are feeling even better after you have browsed thru our new partner´s incense cone´s, oven´s and other individual smoker´s! Choose a little something that will please you for a long time.


    With the demise of the founder, 1928 founded HUSS incense cone factory was closed in 1970. However, his son, Siegfried Huß continued the good tradition. In the spirit of his father and grandfather, in the 1990s Jürgen Huß, founded the HUSS incense cone company again. 

    Nowadays, the "HUSS incense“ enjoy increasing popularity and are known in many places. Keeping strictly to the good tradition of producing fine incense cones out of natural materials, as a trained mechanical engineer, the manufacturer is always trying to break new ground in this direction.
    .A new and quite unique product line began to develop in the mid-90s. Intricately fashioned in sheet steel, various articles of daily use have been built in miniature.
    HUSS fragrances and incense burners are of high quality and, in their various forms, such as small pots, pans, ovens, stoves, pyramids, jugs and locomotives, they capture the hearts of young and old alike.  


    The Natural Ones :
    Incense Cones, known as "Räucherkerzen", the fine-smelling cones from the Ore Mountains, are an essential part of Christmas Time. In Neudorf, HUSS has been producing exceptionally fine cones made of entirely natural materials according to an old family recipe since 1930.

    All cones are a part of undiluted Nature! Our Strengths: little smoke – fine fragrance

    In all their various fragrances, our incense cones are always black. This is because they are made from fine charcoal. The odourless smoldering charcoal facilitates an effective release of the valuable fragrances. Do not expect a lot of smoke from our cones but you will experience a very fine, subtle fragrance. This distinguishes our cones from others!


    Ovens and more:
    As well as incense cones, HUSS produce a variety of cone ovens and fragrance holders, beautifully made from sheet steel, guaranteed to bring delight! As well as incense cones, HUSS produce a variety of cone ovens and fragrance holders, beautifully made from sheet steel, guaranteed to bring delight!

    Their quality and loving attention to detail are obvious for all to see. Although primarily designed for fine incense cones, they are well suited for the safe use of other air fresheners such as essential oils or natural resins. 

    Following you will find genuine Ore Mountains craftsmanship in metal. Grace your room with an unmistakably fine fragrance.