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Special Edition 2021 PINK

A big secret every year and always highly awaited but now finally revealed: The Special Edition 2021 is Pink! Since 2015, the Herrnhut Manufacturer releases a yearly Special Edition of the small 13 cm / 5 inch star in a unique colour, which is only available in this specific year. It’s always highly awaited and perfectly complements the range of traditional colours that are offered.

Pink is a stunning for summer decoration and is associated with femininity, boosts your energy and radiates positivity. If arranged with flowers, glass ware or wood objects, the little Herrnhut star in pink is a true eye-catcher and creates a truly joyful environment. Therefore, many reasons to secure your limited Special Edition by pre-ordering it now.

Original Herrnhut plastic star, PINK (Special Edition 2021), ~ 13 cm / 5 inch ø -LED

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The White Ministar

Another new addition is the cute, little Ministar in white. With a size of 8 cm / 3 inch it will be our smallest star. The Ministar has a great success story - it was introduced as a highly popular limited edition three years ago in Germany and we are happy to say that it is now finally available with us in Canada. The Ministar might be familiar to you already from our beautiful Schwibbogen, which features it above the Christmas scene. Now the cute Ministar can be purchased separately. The white star is lovely for floral summer arrangements but also as Christmas decoration.

Original Herrnhut plastic MINISTAR, white, ~ 8 cm / 3 inch ø - LED

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LED Star Chains

The Herrnhut Star in its small size of 13cm / 5 inch diameter is also available in a highly popular chain of 10 stars, in 7 different colours. The stars are placed at 1m intervals and together form a 12m long garland. Being made of plastic, these star chains can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Our newest star chain versions all feature LEDs. Power supplies or other accessories from chain versions with light bulbs cannot be combined with the new LED versions, however.

Original Herrnhut plastic star chains, ~ 12 m / 470 inch length LED

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All new arrivals will be in stock in July 2021 and can be pre-ordered now!

How does pre-ordering work and when do I have to pay?

Given that we order stock from our German headquarters twice a year, the new products have not yet arrived with us in Canada. That's why we offer the option to pre-order them now for summer. Secure your items, especially the limited Special Edition now, and don't worry about it selling out. Our newest products will be available in July.

After placing the desired product in your shopping cart, you will be charged at check out when you place your order. To guarantee a reservation of your pre-ordered items we require immediate payment. The ordered items are then delivered as soon as the products arrive from our German headquarters.


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