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    What do you mean by Pre-Order?

    Given that we just receive deliveries from our German headquarters twice a year some items might be out of stock ones in a while. Usually, items are no longer available at that moment. A "notify option" appears and if requested we notify you as soon as items are back in stock. Sometimes, it makes sense to offer a pre-order option to give you the chance to order in advance e.g. if time or stock is limited. Please understand that even the available products you order in addition to pre-ordered items are going to be shipped together as soon as new stock is available. If you need products immediately, please order with a separate order.
    With this option, MyBrilliantStar offers you to order an item that is not in stock at the moment, but that will be in stock at a later date. We let you reserve the items you want by ordering them in advance before they are officially available, without having to worry about these products selling out.

    When do I have to pay for my pre-ordered items?

    To order and pay for an item before it's intended arrival date to guarantee delivery for you. MyBrilliantStar will reserve the item upon its actual arrival from Germany. Therefore, you will be charged during check out as soon as your order is placed. To guarantee a reservation of your pre-ordered items we require immediate payment. The ordered items are delivered unsolicited as soon as the delivery arrives from our headquarters.