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    Who we areHello Visitor, 
    We are Hartmut and Kirsten; the owners of MyBrilliantStar, a Vancouver based company. MyBrilliantStar is the exclusive distributor for Canada and the official partner for the USA from the German manufacturer who produces and sell the original Herrnhut Stars. 
    We are proud to represent   THE ORIGINAL HERRNHUT STAR in Canada and the United States and hold strong contact with the manufacturer of the stars in Herrnhut/Germany to develop new business ideas. 
    MyBrilliantStar offers North Americas largest selection of Herrnhut Stars incl. accessories and spare parts. 

    Herrnhuter CanadaTraditionally the star will be delivered in parts and shall be assembled at home. It´s still handmade! It has long been a tradition for families to assemble a star together and hang it on at the days before Christmas. The tradition has a long history and is closely linked to the history of the Moravian Church (a Protestant Free Church). The first Herrnhut Stars were made in the homerooms of the Moravian boarding schools. At the beginning of the 1900s, a teacher made a star of paper and cardboard and hang it up with a candle inside. Later on, making stars was established in the math class and helped the development of mathematical and geometrical understanding, and the designing and creation of three-dimensional geometrical shapes.  

    The tradition of families sitting together assembling the star and hanging them out on the first Sunday in Advent has a long history and is closely linked to the history of the Moravian Church (a Protestant Free Church).

    So the tradition has conserved until today  

     “We want to let the tradition revive!”


    Who we are

    All our team members work closely together in the beautiful Vancouver, B.C., in order to make our customers happy. We have years of experience on how to run an online shop. The benefits for you as our customer:

    "MyBrilliantStar" is reliable: 
    Each order is packaged separately and individually.

    "MyBrilliantStar" is prompt: 
    We interpret your order as an “appointment” - since only punctual gifts are the best. If the item is marked “in stock” and the payment has been arranged, then this order is dispatched within 24 hours.

    You are very important to us. And your feedback means a lot. We do not have a Call Center, but an actual Customer Service Department in-house with a competent and friendly staff that you can directly speak with. This staff has firsthand knowledge of our products and can easily advise all customers. We look forward to your comments regarding our products, shop or service under "".