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Herrnhut Schwibbogen - incl. MINISTAR ~ 8 cm / 3 inch ø


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Herrnhut Schwibbogen - incl. Ministar ~ 8 cm / 3 inch ø

The Herrnhuter® candle arch tells vividly the Christmas story and the symbolic origin of the Herrnhut star, as the star of Bethlehem. For the first time, we continue to show the new Moravian miniature star Ø 8 cm made of plastic, the new "little one" in the product family of the Herrnhuter® manufactory.

  handmade from stained linden and birch wood
  Design: Nativity scene, both sides
  about 65 cm wide and 40 cm high
  includes 9 flame candles (12V)
  including the new Herrnhuter MINISTARr Ø 8 cm, plastic, white
  indirect lighting by LED tape in the base
  12V power supply for power supply (incl. adapter)