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    Happy Canada Day 2016

    Vancouver, B.C., July 1, 2016

    The MyBrilliantStar team wishes you a Happy Canada Day 2016

    On Canada Day, all people in the country celebrate the anniversary of their independence, which dates back to 1867! Therefore MyBrilliantStar wishes every Canadian a nice Canada Day 2016! 

    Want to know how we at MyBrilliantStar celebrate Canada Day?

    First we decorate our patio with the red-white Herrnhut Stars, which represent the colors of the Canadian Flag, then we go out get some classy poutine and finally join the festivities in our home base Vancouver!

    Take a look at our full red-white Herrnhut Star collection. In case you are interested in other Herrnhut Stars, here you will find our complete assortment.

    Have a brilliant Canada Day 2016!