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    Father´s Day MyBrilliantStar

    Vancouver, B.C., June 19, 2016

    Happy Father’s Day 2016!

    Following the Mother’s Day on the 8th of May, we seize the opportunity to celebrate our fathers and dads today. Even though it seems less important than the day for their female counterparts, we should acknowledge Father’s day as the special day it is.

    Fathers are our protectors, our role models, our providers, together with our mothers. Fathers are, hopefully for everybody, someone to look up to in our lives, giving everyone motivation and endurance in times of personal hardship.

    Our Herrnhut Stars can also symbolize our fathers. Green for the hope they give us. Red for the passion they lead their lives with and which can motivate us to do the same. Blue for the strength they have to protect us. And white for the purity of their souls, which they show when they are our guides in life, to make us the same strong individuals as they are.

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    Make the Father’s Day 2016 a special one!