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    Maritim style MyBrilliantStar

    Vancouver, B.C., August 3, 2017

    Summer is vacation time and we mostly spend it at the beach or at the lake. The time at the water is full of enjoyment. What if we told you that you can have the nautical summer season all year round? You don’t have to look at your vacation pictures in order to get your maritime, summer feel on.

    Just think, what is the first room you visit in the morning and the last in the evening? Right, your bathroom. And with these 3 DIY nautical decoration ideas it will become your new maritime hotspot.

    1. Net those jars up

    Net jarLet’s admit it — we all have Mason jars at home because we found this awesome mason jar salad on Pinterest that we wanted to try out. If you have one spare, why not decorate them with some nice netting, as shown? It’s incredible how mason jars can be converted for different uses. A creative way to decorate them is by covering them with fishnet. It looks marvelous! Get the tutorial here. Image by It all started with paint

    2. Seashells, the ear of the sea

    Seashells with Herrnhut StarSeashells, you’ve probably spotted one or two at the beach before and admire them just as much as we do. They come in all different colours, textures, and shapes, as if they were just waiting to be picked up. If you are one of those casual shell-seekers, it is more than likely that you have a bag full of them in your closet. For those who have never had a shell-collecting experience yet, click here for more advice. Back to the shell hoarders among you, they don't have to sit in a bag — show them off instead. One idea is to place them around one of our stars, as seen in pictures. For more shell ideas, follow here

    3. Rope wrapped candle holder





    Candle holderDon’t you love a relaxing, candle-lit bath after a hard day of work? We sure do! We have an easy, inexpensive and maritime chic DIY project for you. Make your own beachy candleholders to give your bathroom a summery feel! The cost of the candleholder is a little over one dollar and the pretty candleholders only take minutes to make! Can you imagine them as your next bathroom centerpiece? Then click here. Image by StoneGable

    Have good day at sea!