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    Herrnhut Star Chain white/red
    Vancouver, B.C., July 21, 2017

    Summer lightingWe are midway through summer, and if you still haven’t made your way out into the garden, balcony or patio during your free time, well, it is about time. Get together with friends and enjoy sitting outside until the sun goes down. Of course, these lovely evenings should be paired with not only a good old BBQ, but also with a cozy light. Not only does good outdoor lighting let your guests see what they are actually eating, but it also creates a nice atmosphere, which reminds people of bonfire romanticism and past BBQs.

    Here are three of our favourite, unique ways to light up your outdoor get-together!

    1. Floating candles and others

    First of all, they are safe! Second of all, they look great on a table or along a pathway. On top of that, they are easy to set up. Just get an old glass jar and fill it with water and decorate with the floating candles, blossoms or a floral wreath.

    2. String Lights and Lanterns

    It is lovely if, when the party goes on a bit longer and it has gotten dark, string lights and lanterns are bound to provide a spectacular atmosphere. They are often soft and decorative. Their light weight makes them easy to hang and set up an essential warmly lit area for your guests. Zig-Zag our stunning garland with ten small Herrnhuter stars across the patio or balcony rail. Simply plug in the garland to enjoy a night full of stars.

    3. Sparklin’ Lights in a Jar

    Summer lighting II
    Another lighting centerpiece idea is sparkling lights in a mason jar. They create a magical feel in any outdoor space. Christmas lights are not just for the holidays. Get your fairy lights out of the boxes and into a mason jar. To find out how to light up your mason jar, please click here.                                    

    Have a good BBQ!