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    Christmas Village Baltimore

    Baltimore, MD, October 27, 2015

    This year the German company Herrnhuter Sterne sponsored Original Herrnhut Stars to brighten the lives of the visitors of the Christmas Village in Baltimore.

    Come to the Christmas Village Baltimore and see the new marvelous look. The entire Christmas Village shines bright in the light of over 20 Original Herrnhut Stars, which decorate the huts at the market close to the West Shore Park in Baltimore.

    The long term cooperation between Hernhuter Sterne, represented by MyBrilliantStar and the organizer of the Christmas Village Baltimore, the German American Marketing Inc. is strengthened by a five-year agreement. MyBrilliantStar CEO Hartmut Friedrichs stated: “We are very glad to cooperate with the German American Marketing Inc. Baltimore isn’t the only Christmas Market they organized. See what happened in Philadelphia this year too.”

    Herrnhuter is one of the German Gift Vendors that will be at the market from November 26th to December 27th. Its hut will offer a variety of Herrnhut Stars, as well as modern decoration products from Raeder/Bochum.  The Christmas Village is located at the West Shore Park, 501 Light Street in Baltimore, MD.

    Anyone who purchases a star will be sharing in a Christmas Tradition that all started in East Saxony over 160 years ago, when a teacher created the first Moravian Star in a private school for boys as a geometry lesson.  Traditionally, the star is hung up on the first Sunday of Advent, and remains up until Epiphany, January 6th. 

    The Herrnhut Star Factory is located in the small village of Herrnhut, East Saxony, Germany.  The original Herrnhut Star consists of 17 square and 8 triangular points.

    MyBrilliantStar offers Herrnhut Stars (also known as Moravian Stars) for Christmas, Weddings and other events, and is Herrnhuter’s Official Partner in the USA and Exclusive Distributer in Canada.

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