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    Herrnhuter Expands Activities

    Vancouver, BC, October 20, 2015

    Herrnhuter Sterne GmbH, a German company which produces the traditional Herrnhuter Star cooperated with the Canadian company MyBrilliantStar to bring its product to Canada and to the USA.

    On a meeting end of September in Germany the CEO’s of both companies, Herrnhuter Sterne GmbH and MyBrilliantStar agreed to a closer cooperation regarding the Sales & Marketing of the Original Herrnhut Stars in Canada and the USA. MyBrilliantStar is now Herrnhuter Exclusive Distributer in Canada and Official Partner in the USA. 

    MyBrilliantStar CEO Hartmut Friedrichs said: “We are very proud to represent Herrnhuter in North America. The Herrnhut Stars are a great product with a long history and there is an extraordinary relationship and very trustful cooperation between both companies.”

    About Herrnhuter:

    The Herrnhuter Sterne GmbH is located in the east part of Germany, in the town of Herrnhut, which is also the birthplace of the new "Herrnhuter Brüderunität". The first stars were made here over 160 years ago and were lit using lamps fuelled by rapeseed oil or petroleum.

    The reunification of Germany in 1989 brought a challenging time for the company. In 1991 the Herrnhut Star Company was founded by changing the fixture business to a private limited company (GmbH). In 2011 a new factory building in Herrnhut was dedicated. Annually, a permanent staff of 60 employees produces by hand more than 600,000 stars in more than 60 different varieties. Find more information at

    About MyBrilliantStar:

    MyBrilliantStar is based in Vancouver BC and offers the Herrnhut Stars in Canada and the USA since 2014. To get closer to our retailer we participate in trade shows like the Toronto Gift Fair and the Alberta Gift Fair. End customers can buy their star at our online shop or visit us on various Christmas markets for example in Vancouver (Canada), Philadelphia and Baltimore (USA). More Christmas markets will follow in the next years. Find more information at