Vancouver, B.C., July 01, 2018

Canada's most important holiday is just around the corner: Canada Day.

But do you know what's going on that day and do you still know all our other holidays in Canada?

Here is a short list with a short description: Holiday calendar Canada
- New Year's Day / Nouvel - January 1st 
- Good Friday - Good Friday at Easter      
- East Monday
- Victoria Day, in Quebec "fête des Patriotes"   
celebrated since 1952 on the Monday before May 25th. Before that, it was May 24th Memorial Day in honor of the birthdays of Queen Victoria and Queen Elisabeth II. Victoria Day was proclaimed public holiday in 1845 and appointed by Parliament in 1901 National Day.

- Canada Day - 1st of July            
The day commemorates the founding of the Canadian Confederation in 1867.

- Labour Day - first Monday in September            
This holiday is a tribute to the labor movement. The day has been celebrated since 1872 and was proclaimed in 1894 as an official holiday.

- Thanksgiving - 2nd Monday in October - Thanksgiving Day.                         
This day was declared an official holiday in 1879. He was probably taken over by the US, but because of the shorter season, it is celebrated in Canada a few weeks earlier than its neighbors in the south.

- Remembrance Day - November 11th       
The day of the truce, which ended the First World War in 1918.

Christmas-Christmas Day - December 25th

-Boxing Day - December 26th
A day to recover from the festivities and to go on "after Christmas bargain hunting". Here in the malls and shopping centers bustle. A "boxing" at the counter.

These days are Canada's most important national holidays. In addition, there are other regional holidays in the provinces and territories that are not celebrated throughout the country. For example, Nunavut Day, National Aboriginal Day, Louis Riel Day, St Patrick's Day or St-Jean Baptiste.

We Canadians are not quite as spoiled as our German friends, but still, an acceptable number comes together.

We wish our readers a nice and relaxing holiday!

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