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MyBrilliatntStar Happy Father´s Day

Vancouver, B.C., June 17, 2018 

International rituals on Father's Day

Check out what we found out about different rituals all over the world during Father´s Day. Even different dates are celebrated with all kinds of background and history.


The United States is considered the inventor of Father's Day - Mother's Day is finally made in the USA. The Canadians and Americans celebrate their fathers on the third Sunday in June, many other countries have taken over. The idea came up in the early 20th century but did not prevail for a long time. In addition to the mother's and to introduce a Father's Day, initially inspired mainly the manufacturers of typical gifts for "dads". For the national holiday, the third June Sunday finally made President Nixon 1972. 


MyBrilliantStar Father´s DayIn France, a lighter manufacturer fathered the Father's Day 1952 for marketing purposes. The government joined and officially launched Father's Day. He is celebrated, as in the US, on the third Sunday in June. Most children donate home-made or paint a picture. Lighters have not prevailed - different, as the inventor had probably hoped.

In the Netherlands, the ideal "Vader's Day" is as many mothers would wish Mother's Day:

Breakfast in bed, gifts (ties, cigars or similar). Also celebrated here on the third Sunday in Jun.

According to Roman Catholic tradition, Father's Day is celebrated on Joseph's Day in Italy, the day of Jesus' foster father. "Festa di San Giuseppe" is on March 19th. The family enjoys good food and children make small gifts for their dads. Things are similar in Spain.

Only German men go crazy - Mother's Day is criticized by critics as a commercial event. On Ascension, often celebrated as Father's or Gentleman's Day, there is more alcohol for German men than presents. So, they are pretty much alone on the international stage. Whether Father's Day or Gentleman's Day - on Ascension Day, many German men take a break from domestic duties and move with cronies across the country or through pubs. In a worldwide comparison, the grouching gentlemen are more of an exception. Elsewhere, the fathers and men celebrate not only on another day of the year but also with other rituals.

In Russia is celebrated on February 23, the "Day of the Fatherland defender". Day of the man he is only unofficial celebrated anyway. Sometimes, for the gentlemen, there are small gifts from the bosses, or you can get away with your colleagues.


Father´s Day NepalFather's Day is celebrated in Taiwan on the 8th of August. Because this is the eighth day of the eighth month that is pronounced ba-ba - and that also means father in Chinese. Almost like the German nickname "Papa" for Father.

On December 5th, King Bhumibol Adulyadej's birthday, on this day, people celebrate the "Father of the Nation" and generally Father's Day. Traditionally, the Thai people give their father a certain flower on this day, which is called flower tube in Germany. 

Depending on the lunar calendar, Nepalese Father´s Day celebrates in late August or early September. To honor the deceased fathers, one goes on the new moon day to the temple. Children show their gratitude through small gifts to the fathers.


In Down Under, the fathers celebrate their day on the first Sunday in September. Advantage: Spring will start in the southern hemisphere. Father's Day is Family Day, often parents and children go out for breakfast or take a trip together.

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FATHER'S DAY – an honor to our fathers!
FATHER'S DAY – an honor to our fathers!

Some facts about Father's Day for everyone who has always wondered where this tradition actually comes from. 
Father's Day is a relatively young holiday. That is why the rituals vary from region to region and from family to family. Many children give their fathers little gifts on Father's Day. The children no longer living with their parents, visit the father, or call him. In some cultures, however, large celebrations in honor of the fathers can be held in a large family.

It doesn't matter that something big is organized on Mother's Day. The main thing is that they think of you and feel loved. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be right next to each other, especially in this unusual COVID-19 times. You are always connected in the heart!