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    Labour Day 2017

    Vancouver, B.C., September 3, 2017

    Happy Labour Day 2017!

    Labour Day has arrived and it’s time to celebrate! As an annual event to commemorate the achievements of workers, it’s origins date back to the labour union movement referring to the 8-hour day. This movement campaigned for an 8-hour approach; 8 hours working, 8 hours recreation, and 8 hours of sleep. While this is an official holiday in North America, other countries also recognize this day as a revolutionary movement to protect the labour force.

    Along with Labour Day, we often hear the phrase; “You can’t wear white after labour day!” But do you know where that originates? It dates back to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and had to do with fashion rules created by socialites due to snobbery. To find out more about it’s origins, click here!

    Labour Day 2017

    Here in our office, we also take the day off to remember the importance of work life balance. If you are planning a Labour Day celebration and are looking for a timeless centerpiece or addition to your décor, our beautiful Herrnhut Stars are the perfect match!

    Check out our webshop for the entire Herrnhut Star collection.

    Have a fun filled Labour Day weekend!