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    Herrnhut stars all over the world
    Vancouver, B.C., September 15, 2017

    German Christmas MarketFor many German families, the Herrnhut Star (also known as the Moravian Star) is the mother of all Christmas decorations and a beautiful, festive tradition. The ritual in the homeland of the Herrnhut stars, the Oberlausitz, is that with the first glow of the stars, the Christmas season ‘officially’ begins! The Herrnhut star symbolizes the light of Bethlehem and Gold as the origin of all Christmas stars. The star is getting more and more popular all around the world. We put together some of the most famous places you can find our brilliant Herrnhut star. Image by Oberlausitz. 

    Herrnhut starsOur star was spotted by Russians on the famous Berlin Christmas Market at Gendarmenmarkt and so St. Petersburg really wanted one as well. In Russia, things are a bit bigger and pompous so are the Herrnhut Stars. St. Petersburg made our star shine bright in hundreds of trees and also lighted up St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Image by christmas-stars.

    Window display Herrnhut StarsThe star has also made its way over to London, where it was displayed in Selfridges' iconic Christmas window displays. Image by Internationalvisual

    In Scandinavia, the star has now also arrived at people’s homes. But not only Europe has its eye on our stars for decoration, the US loves our star, too. It can be found on various Christmas markets throughout the country — for example, at Dilworth Park in Philadelphia, Christmas Village Philadelphia, and Christmas Village Baltimore — and finally made it to the belfry of the Central Moravian Church in Bethlehem, which has given a home to a our Herrnhut star (Moravian star). The star will adorn the belfry from Advent to the Epiphany. Image by The Morning Call

    Herrnhut star at BethlehemOur patience did not only pay off in the US, Canada has also fallen in love with our stars, especially the white stars which light up the Christmas markets in Vancouver and in Quebec. The white is generally very popular, because it is elegant, noble and timeless. The Canadians not only see it as a Christmas decoration but also as an all-season decoration. Often, it remains hanging all year or is used as a garden decoration. The most popular stars are the small, 13-centimeter stars in the Canadian colours, red and white. Meanwhile, many owners of small stars now come to buy a larger one. Many fans in Canada also have a German or European background and some know the star from before, from their grandparents. Besides that, we have noticed that it is getting more and more common that customers in Germany order a star for their loved ones in Canada and the US. All in all, our stars are getting more and more popular all over the world. Don’t miss out on a new tradition in your home.

    Herrnhut stars for everyone!