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    Happy Thanksgiving Canada 2017

    Vancouver, B.C., October 9, 2017

    Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

    The time has come to gather around the table to eat, talk, and remind ourselves of what we are truly grateful and thankful for. May it be with your family, friends, co-workers, we at MyBrilliantStar wish you a blissful day. As Canadians, we traditionally celebrate Thanksgiving on every 2nd Monday of October.

    While the food may be the focal point of the day, in reality it is the togetherness that this holiday brings upon us. Enjoy a delicious dinner with your loved ones and above all, enjoy the tasty dishes that are served!

    While pumpkins, spices, and wheat sheaves are traditional to Thanksgiving décor, why not switch things up this year and add a festive Herrnhut Star to your holiday decoration! Herrnhut Stars come in YELLOW to fit right in next to the traditional colours! We are convinced that this would look lovely!

    If you like it more colorful, then you might like to take a look in our web shop for our complete assortment.

    Have a beautiful Thanksgiving!