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    Happy Canada Day 2017

    Vancouver, B.C., July 1st, 2017

    O Canada, Happy 150th Birthday!

    Today marks Canada’s 150th birthday! Established as a union and independent country dating back to 1867, we celebrate our country’s strength and beauty on this day. Although the official independence of Canada was acquired just a century and a half ago, the word Canada was derived by the Huron-Iroquois word Kanata, which means settlement. MyBrilliantStar wishes all Canadians at home and abroad a festive and safe Canada Day 2017.

    As we celebrate Canada’s birthday, here is a look at memorable moments leading up to this day throughout 2016.

    With red and white decorating the streets of Canadian cities and towns from one ocean to another, don’t miss out on a chance to show your Canadian pride by taking a look at our red and white Herrnhut Stars! The perfect touch to a happy Canada day.

    Take a look at our full red-white Herrnhut Star collection. In case you are interested in other Herrnhut Stars, here you will find our complete assortment.

    Have a patriotic Canada Day!