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    Herrnhuter Special Edition 2017 - Turquoise

    Vancouver, B.C., June 13, 2017

    The turquoise Herrnhut Star has just arrived.

    The Special Edition of the Herrnhut Star for this year has arrived: It is the colour TURQUOISE! We already have it available online in our MyBrilliantStar web shop.

    The special edition of the Herrnhut Star is a tradition since eight years. Every year the Herrnhut Sterne GmbH creates a special coloured Herrnhut Star in the size of 13cm. This year, the special edition is available in a fresh turquoise - a coveted collector's item, which is presumably soon to be out of stock!

    Take a look at the previous Herrnhut Star special editions from 2015 and 2016 to find out if there are some left.

    Until today, the Original Herrnhut Stars are still handmade according to an old tradition. The small stars with a diameter of 13cm are offered in the classic colours white, yellow, red, white/red, yellow/red, blue and green. In case you are interested in other Herrnhut Stars, here you will find our complete assortment.

    Start to collect the Herrnhut Stars in all its special colours!