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Vancouver, B.C., March 25, 2020

A warm greeting to all our Herrnhut Star friends, our team wishes you the best and even if these are difficult times for all of us we still have to have hope and confidence.

So, we not just want to let your Herrnhut Stars shine again, but also your hearts. Our appeal to you: “stay at home with your loved ones”. It depends on all of us - we can only do this together! Send us pictures of your shining stars and send a signal that connects us all over the world.

We put together some questions we all currently have to deal with and would like to share our thoughts about the answers with you:

How to make the best out of the “social distancing” time we all have to deal with?

“Hell is—other people!” Jean-Paul Sartre's quotation takes on a whole new meaning in Corona times. Because suddenly many people spend a lot more time than usual with those who are actually their loved ones. This also puts the strongest relationship to the test. But there are tips to make it through the weeks of social distancing - even for people who have no other around.

What can you do about the impending cabin fever?

Above all, you have to actively organize your day and not just let it happen. So, you need a routine, a structure. For example, there can be fixed working hours in the home office, and fixed learning and playing times for your kids. Perhaps you can enjoy staying in your pajamas for a day or two without a shower - but that should be all. 

Cabin fever – what does it mean from a psychological point of view?

There is a whole range of symptoms. First, of course, the fear of being infected or getting sick, especially when someone is really in quarantine. But some may also fear supply shortages or their financial future. Then there is the feeling of being isolated, perhaps stigmatized in a real quarantine. At the same time, you spend a very long time with people with whom you otherwise only spend shorter periods of time. And on top of that, especially with children, there is the feeling of boredom.

How do you best fill the time?

I think it makes sense to take the time as an opportunity. Maybe there are projects that you always wanted to do: spring cleaning, sorting vacation pictures, finally building this one shelf. Or just read more good books again.

It is generally important not only to live aimlessly into the day and not to worry too much. The breathlessness in the news or on social media can quickly cause panic. If it becomes rampant, you should at least partially hide it - and maybe set up fixed times to worry.

We have one additional fun activity to offer!

Why not build your own star together with your kids and/or family members of your household. It’s not Christmas yet but the Herrnhut Star is a symbol of peace all over the world not just during Christmas. Putting together one of our popular Herrnhut Stars in the size of 13cm brings not just joy but also peace and contemplation. We are happy to surprise you with a special offer during these unusual times.

Read more about our special offer and how to order your star here.

Take care and stay healthy.

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We are excited to announce that the Special Edition 2020 has just arrived!
This year, the 5in/13cm Herrnhut star will also be available in the colour MINT. Since 2015, the Herrnhut Manufactory releases a yearly Special Edition in a unique colour which is only available in this specific year. 
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Every year Canada Day reminds us of the greatness and beauty of our wonderful country. Here are some interesting facts surrounding this national holiday: As one important milestone for Canada's independence, Canada Day celebrates the joining on July 1, 1867, of the colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick into a wider British federation of four provinces. The holiday was officially given statutory value in 1879 and was first named Dominion Day.
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FATHER'S DAY – an honor to our fathers!

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