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Vancouver, B.C., Januar 08, 2020

Visiting a trade fair takes time, which many business owners are unfortunately no longer willing to invest. There are good reasons to take this time.

It's trade fair time again. And actually, a visit to a trade fair was planned this year. But then an employee fails exactly on that day, the cashier is broken or the urgently awaited craftsman has finally announced himself. Again, the trade show visit is canceled. Is this really bad? No. Because many now consider trade show visits to be a waste of time.

We still think that there are many good reasons for a visit.

1. It is time to get out
The daily work routine often leaves no room for creativity and new ideas. Too much to be done in the short term determine the agenda. Visiting a trade show can be a welcome occasion to escape everyday life for a day or two and clear your head.

2. Find new products
If you really want to discover something new for your shop and thereby stand out from the competition, you cannot avoid visiting trade shows with so-called 'newcomer areas'. Because retailers react sluggishly to product innovations. The risk is too high to carry out the complex listing process and to end up sitting on the goods.

3. Gaining knowledge
Many trade shows like the AmericasMart and the Toronto Gift + Home Market are no longer limited to simply exhibiting products and services. Conference programs and active networking, so-called matchmaking, are an integral part of well-organized trade shows. If you don't have time for further training measures and only rarely get the opportunity to exchange ideas with people outside of your own environment, you can efficiently combine the two during a trade show visit.

4. Maintain contacts
Trade fairs are also used to maintain your own contacts. Manufacturers, dealers, service providers, colleagues - personal contact is still the best. This applies above all to supply relationships that only take place online. Behind the many digital solution providers are people who are worth knowing.

5. Feeling good
Anyone who chooses the right trade show for their needs carefully weighs up the travel expenses in advance, attends a trade show with a clear eye and with a clear goal will not be disappointed. On the contrary. Get out of the daily work routine, meet people in person, collect inspiration and new ideas for your own business make you feel good and are good reasons to visit a trade show once or twice a year.

SO - let's go, we are always happy to see or get to know our customers personally at the shows in Atlanta and/or Toronto and also to exchange experiences, ideas and news.

See you soon in Toronto or Atlanta!

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