MyBrilliantStar - new logo

Vancouver, B.C., May 22, 2017

Big announcement!

With a new team member comes a new logo, which includes a modern font and layout. Janine, our new Marketing Strategist, sat together with us and the result was an updated look. Anywhere we are found will be richly adorned with our bright new logo. We are confident the new layout better matches what we want to represent: the Original Herrnhut Star made in Germany with the mission to brighten up your home.  

Our design goal was to better match the colourfulness of the Herrnhut Stars that we sell and customers we serve. Our team worked to find something that appeared approachable, traditional, friendly, decorative and bright.

We hope you like our new look and feel for MyBrilliantStar. Look out for more updates and news to come — like new product launches — as MyBrilliantStar continues to offer our customers North America’s largest selection of Herrnhut Stars, including accessories and spare parts.

We are looking forward to your thoughts.

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