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Thanksgiving table set with wine glasses, plates, red napkins, and bouquets with Moravian stars

Vancouver, BC, September 26, 2022

Your turn to host Thanksgiving this year? Then it's not just up to you to create a magical meal. Of course, you'll also want to serve it at a festive table. With our eight simple Thanksgiving table decorations you can concentrate on the Thanksgiving meal without leaving the table setting completely aside. So if you'd rather focus on cooking and don't have time to make or buy an elaborate table setting, these little tricks will help you out.

Try one or more of this table décor

1. Pumpkins

Table setting with table, glasses, snack and a pumpkin

They are the Thanksgiving symbol per se and make the perfect simple table decoration: pumpkins. Whether you use mini pumpkins to spread across the table, a few medium sized ones in the middle, or a large pumpkin as a centerpiece, let the pumpkin power speak for itself.

2. Place cards

White piece of paper on a piece of wood surrounded by green leaves for table décor

When there is no time for much else: A place card is a loving detail that will surely put a smile on your guests' faces. You can place it on the table, put it in a special place card holder or attach it to the napkin together with the silverware. You can write a personalized text for everyone in a fold-out card, write just the name on a slip of paper to assign places, or put an inspirational quote for everyone on a small note. Whatever you decide - placing that card can make all the difference!

3. Moravian stars

Table arrangement with dried leaves. Apples and little Moravian star lights

Create a Moravian star moment for Thanksgiving! You can jazz up the simplest table decor with a Moravian star. One big or more small ones are a nice extra on your Thanksgiving table. Whether added to a centerpiece or placed among some leaves, Moravian stars always add an elegant touch. You can also let the star or star chain speak for itself and skip any other decorations. Find your perfect Moravian star light decoration

4. Nice napkins

woman places silverware on an orange napkin placed on plates on a thanksgiving table

Get those nice napkins out! Napkins belong on every set table. And if you need them anyway, why not put extra love into the details? Instead of simple white napkins, you can choose orange or decorated ones for Thanksgiving or those made from fabric. Also nice: roll up the silverware and a nice detail inside, like a small twig, leaves or the table card mentioned above.

5. Candles

Long wooden set table with lid candles

We don't know how chaotic things will be at your Thanksgiving table. If you're looking forward to a quiet evening, we suggest you get out the candles. For Thanksgiving, you can use the good ones, or even the multi-armed candlestick that's sitting on your shelf gathering dust. Its time has come: Make your table and your guests shine!

6. Leaves, nuts, apples

 Apples, leaves and walnuts spread out on a table

Whatever falls from these trees in the fall: It makes a great Thanksgiving table decoration. Whether it's the beautiful colorful leaves you collected on your last walk, the nuts from the supermarket, the apples from the garden or the pine cone that fell on your head the other day: spread across the table or on a table runner, these utensils will turn any simple dining table into a Thanksgiving dream. Go and collect what the trees have to give!

7. Grains

Dried grasses and grains in vases on a table

Go get those grains! Traditionally we give thanks for the rich crops at Thanksgiving.  And a large part of it is and was grain. Maybe you can take a walk along a farm and pick some oats, wheat, rye or barley, put them in a vase or spread them out on the table. In fact, there is nothing that would fit the theme more.

8. Centerpiece

Bouquet of dried flowers and leaves as centerpiece of a set table

Make a simple statement! You don't have to worry about fancy table decorations if you already have a fall arrangement. Just place it in the center of the dining table, and you have a nice Thanksgiving table decoration. Let's be honest: Adding more would clutter up the table anyway. A large pumpkin or a simple bouquet also make great centerpieces.

Have fun decorating!

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Your MyBrilliantStar Team

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